How to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy at Home

Like all parents, you want to do everything possible to ensure your child’s teeth stay healthy from a young age. However, children’s teeth are different from adult teeth and require special treatment to grow into gorgeous smiles. Luckily, Mountain West Dental is here to help! This blog post will discuss some tips for keeping your child’s teeth healthy at home. We’ll also introduce you to our orthodontist, Dr. Keaton Tomlin, and his wife, Dr. Allison Tomlin, who will give you some helpful advice on caring for your child’s teeth.

Teach them to brush & floss daily.

It’s essential to ensure your child brushes their teeth every day. Children should brush twice a day for two minutes with fluoride-infused toothpaste. To ensure they are using the correct technique, it’s always a good idea to supervise them when they are brushing, particularly with toddlers. You can also turn it into a fun game or song to turn it into a fun activity they look forward to!

Here are some other tips that will help your little ones develop smile-loving habits into their adult years:

  • Use a special toothbrush for toddlers with soft bristles
  • Use a mild, kid-safe toothpaste with fluoride, applying only a bean-sized amount for each brushing.
  • Make sure to watch your children as they rinse to make sure they don’t swallow any toothpaste.
  • Teach your kids to floss as soon as they have two teeth touching each other.
  • Get them used to brushing after every meal or snack; if they don’t have the chance to, ensure they rinse with water to remove any food particles lodged between teeth (and appliances if they wear any!).

Watch your child’s diet.

Diet also plays an essential role in maintaining good oral health. Ensure your children avoid sugary foods and drinks as much as possible, opting for more nutritious snacks like fruits and vegetables. This reduced the risk of cavities and tooth decay, helping them build healthy habits for the future. Additionally, sucking or biting on hard foods such as candies can affect their alignment, bite, and how their teeth grow in.

Visit Mountain West Dental regularly.

Regular visits to Mountain West Dental are essential for keeping your child’s teeth healthy. Drs. Keaton and Allison Tomlin specialize in pediatric dentistry and can provide the best advice on caring for your child’s teeth. They will help get your kids used to teeth cleanings at an early age, assess any problems, and suggest orthodontic treatments and other preventive measures.

How to Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy at Home

Get started on your kids’ oral health with Mountain West Dental.

By following the tips above, you can help ensure your child has good oral health. Our team of experts will also provide valuable advice on caring for your child’s teeth at home and provide insights on starting orthodontic treatment early if needed. Together, Mountain West Dental and you can ensure a future of healthy smiles for your children! So contact our Las Vegas office to book your little one’s first dental visit today!