You and Mountain West Pediatric Dentistry have something in common: we really care about your child’s health. Like any parent, you’d do anything to make sure your children are healthy and happy. Good dental practices – from brushing and flossing to regular dental visits – are a key component to their overall health. That’s why it’s so important for your child to feel welcome and comfortable at the dentist – and that’s exactly where Mountain West excels.

Fear and anxiety are normal when it comes to medical visits of any kind – particularly the dentist. We make dental checkups both fun and informative, helping your child get excited about caring for his or her teeth. Each child we see leaves with an at-home care plan that he or she understands and is eager to follow. While treatment is sometimes necessary, our practice is skilled in sleep dentistry, sedation dentistry and have several ways to ensure your child is always comfortable in our office. In short, we treat every child exactly how we’d want our own child treated – with love, compassion and a little fun sprinkled in.

Expertise for Tiny Teeth

Pediatric dentistry isn’t just dentistry on a smaller or simpler level. A pediatric dentist’s education requires 10 or more years of secondary education including a pediatric residency program. This background empowers pediatric dentists to detect and treat dental diseases specific to children and infants, while instilling powerful preventative practices and offering treatments that encourage lifelong dental health.

Pediatric dentists are skilled in all aspects of pediatric dental care, including:

  • Examination, treatment and guidance in oral treatment for infants, children and adolescents
  • Care for pregnant adolescents
  • Behavior guidance
  • Fluoride therapy
  • Identification and treatment of issues relating to abuse or neglect
  • Local anesthesia, sleep and sedation dentistry
  • Sealant treatments
  • Pulp therapy for primary and immature permanent teeth
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Genetic dental development abnormalities
  • Antibiotic therapy

Trust Your Child’s Dental Health to Mountain West

At Mountain West Dental Specialists, we provide board certified pediatric dentistry. That means your child’s dentist is a “pediatric specialist,” who has passed state and national board examinations demonstrating knowledge, expertise and proficiency in dentistry for infants, children and adolescents. A pediatric dentist is different from a dentist who treats young patients; pediatric dentists limit their scope to treat only pediatric patients. At Mountain West Pediatric Dentistry, we know your child deserves someone who understands his or her needs and can help your family achieve and maintain optimal dental health. Trust your tiniest smiles to our team at Mountain West Pediatric Dentistry.