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We take pride in crafting stunning new smiles for patients of all ages in Rhodes Ranch and nearby areas. If you're in Rhodes Ranch and seeking a reliable orthodontic team for a radiant, straight smile, look no further than Mountain West Dental Specialists. We offer an array of orthodontic solutions, including traditional metal braces and ceramic braces, which are highly effective in achieving perfect tooth and jaw alignment.

Rhodes Ranch Braces Treatment Process

Before initiating your braces treatment, our skilled team will gather digital x-rays, photographs, and a dental mold to understand your unique orthodontic needs. Based on this data, we'll develop a personalized treatment plan detailing the specific movements each tooth must make for optimal alignment and where your brackets will be placed.

The brackets are then affixed, and a wire is inserted to exert targeted pressure on the teeth that need realignment. Through a technique known as remodeling, the wire induces precise tooth movements. This involves subtle changes in the bone surrounding the tooth roots. The pressure from the braces activates osteoblasts and osteoclasts around the tooth root, facilitating bone remodeling.

To maintain the new tooth position, constant pressure is essential. This is why a retainer is often required post-treatment to prevent teeth from reverting to their previous positions.

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Types of Braces

Our treatment options are versatile and can address a range of dental issues, from simple to complex. Traditional metal braces are often quicker at closing gaps and aligning teeth, offering a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious patients. Modern braces have improved in strength, durability, and affordability, making them a timeless choice in orthodontic care.

Metal Braces

Classic metal braces remain the most widely used form of orthodontic treatment. Crafted from top-quality stainless steel, these braces employ metal brackets and archwires to align your teeth effectively. Our modern metal braces are not only more comfortable but also offer a fun element. You can personalize your braces with vibrant colored elastics or opt for a subdued look with clear or tooth-colored elastics.

Metal Braces

Clear Braces

Ceramic braces function similarly to metal braces but feature transparent ceramic brackets. They offer another excellent choice for aligning your teeth and are typically used on the upper teeth more than the lower ones. These braces are especially favored by our older teen and adult clients due to their discreet appearance. However, because ceramic brackets are generally larger and more fragile than metal ones, they are usually not recommended for our younger patients.

Clear Braces

Your Trusted Rhodes Ranch Braces Team

At Mountain West Dental Specialists, we believe that personalized, advanced care yields the best outcomes and a positive orthodontic experience. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and technology, we offer efficient, comfortable treatments that will transform your life and smile. We treat each patient as an individual, tailoring treatment plans to fit your lifestyle.

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