Our skilled orthodontists at Mountain West Dental Group use the most advanced treatment techniques to get the best results for your personal situation. Whether you’re looking for results in the shortest amount of time, cost effective treatment, discreet aligners, or you need to tackle challenging issues, our experienced team is here to help.

Treatment options include:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Discreet ceramic braces
  • Invisalign® clear aligners

Schedule a free smile assessment for yourself or your child, and we’ll make recommendations based on your unique situation. We use advanced, low-radiation digital x-rays to evaluate your needs and identify any potential treatment challenges. Every mouth is different, and personalized treatment is important to get you the smile you want.

Your Experience with Mountain West Orthodontics

As nice as our waiting room is, you’re not going to have to sit there for long. We stay on schedule because your time is too valuable to spend it waiting around an orthodontist’s office.

Our friendly and helpful staff is here to answer all your questions. Ask us anything! Getting braces for your child (or for yourself) is an involved process, and you should feel comfortable with each phase of treatment.

You’re welcome to use the resources on this website to learn general information about orthodontic treatment and get to know a little more about Mountain West. When you’re ready, come see us for a free smile assessment and we’ll give you personalized recommendations.

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just about teeth. A great smile boosts your confidence, improves your overall health, and helps you feel comfortable in your own skin. Treatment can also address problems like jaw pain, tooth grinding, and oral hygiene challenges. Our team is proud to help you and your family reap the benefits of a great, straight smile.

At Mountain West, we’re a family company. We treat each patient as we would want our own family to be treated – with warmth and compassion.

We look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Allison Tomlin and Team